Character List

This is the ‘Character List’ for the SexCpotatoes Webcomic.

Under Construction, check back soon…

Blinky – you know him, you see him every time you have to shift a lane during construction.  Talks in clicks, loves doing morse code crossword puzzles, and is a little jealous of those new signs that flash all those word-messages at people.

Little Cone – a traffic cone, the short and impressionable youngster that’s always underfoot.  Constantly getting massacred by Student Drivers.

Safety (the orange) Barrel – our protagonist, antagonist, trickster, tongue maestro, and all around chummy safety ‘guy.’

Penn, the flatboard lane marker, of the sort you see in Pennsylvania.  Tends to freak out at the slightest provocation.

Gramps (orange) Barrel – old, grizzled seen-it-all father type figure.

Slim – The skinny ladies man of the bunch.  Vain, braggadoccio that thinks he has everything coming to him, and soon.

Not Pictured:

Crude O. Barrel, aka Cob – Texan, big as life and twice as loud.

Reffi O. Barrel – Refined, rich, self-centered, gold-colored, diamond topped walking stick carrying fancy mustache oil barrel.

T.C. /Trash Can Barrel -  Hey, it’s not easy being a redhead, especially when your hair is on fire and bums like to congregate around you!